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Security Solutions

Should we select a multiple vendor 'best of breed' product and software approach to security architecture? A design that when combined with a security event management platform seeks to provide a near real time security monitoring across multiple disparate devices? Or might we consider a single vendor approach? One that provides a security intelligent design, derived through a homogeneously engineered approach, leveraging the power and potential of security appliances and software similarities that collaborate over a 'metaphorical' single form factor and OS. Does this actually improve security over and above a disparate architecture? We can help you out with difficult decicions.

Security Services

Your organization’s information is under constant threat of attack and being vigilant is key. A proper security strategy must include networks, servers, and mobile devices – everywhere. So, how can you make sure your organization’s data is safe? Great security software and hardware is a good start, but you need an affordable way to implement your protection that’s also easy to manage. Fortunately, Sophos Professional Services can help you get there. We have the right products and proven best practices to optimize your security solution. Our trained experts will make sure that your company gets the most from our technology and expertise.

Security Awareness

A good security awareness program should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT).  Employees should receive information about who to contact if they discover a security threat and be taught that data as a valuable corporate asset. Regular training is particularly necessary in organizations with high turnover rates and those that rely heavily on contract or temporary staff. Confirming how well the awareness program is working can be difficult. The most common metric looks for a downward trend in the number of incidents over time.



Security Awareness Programm


You are able to schedule regular Phishing Security Tests (PST for short) from our large library of more than 300 "known-to-work" templates, choose from the community templates section, which were created by admins for admins to share with their peers. You can also create your own custom phishing templates.

In case an employee falls for one of these simulated phishing attacks, you have several options for correction, including instant remedial online training. You can schedule one-shot, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly simulated phishing attacks and immediately see which employees fall for these social engineering attacks. Here is some visible proof the training works over a 12-month period.

The Phish Alert Button reinforces your organization’s security culture, users can report suspicious emails with one click.

  • When the user clicks the Phish Alert button on a simulated phishing email it’s reported in the Admin Console.
  • Incident Response gets early phishing alerts from users, creating a network of “sensors”.
  • Your employee gets instant feedback, which reinforces their training.


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